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"I will offer the people of this city the heads of two of the people responsible for breaking the world."
- Master Le'duchi

Welcome to Wrath of Gaia, a chain game from the Charas Project community. In this game a group of mages tried to control the spirit of Gaia but she proved to be too strong for them. In the end all they achieved was to awaken her wrath and the world was plunged into darkness. Monsters started to overrun the wilderness and the people fell back to the protection of their walled cities.

But now a group of adventures have found the Pandora's key and maybe a way to right the wrong of the past.

What is a chain game?
Remember when you were a kid and played that game when you would fold a piece of paper, draw the start of a creature, and then fold it again and your friend would draw the next part? Then you'd do it back and forth a couple of time when finally you unfold it and look at your creation.
A chain game is basically that: one person starts making a part of the game and when they feel it's reached a good point they sends it off to the next developer on the list. The end result might not always be the most polished game out there but it's an interesting journey where each part of the game bears the unique mark of it's developer.

Chapter 1: DragonBlaze
Chapter 2: Momeka
Chapter 3: Moosetroop11
Chapter 4: Prpl_Mage
Chapter 5: Fisherson
Chapter 6: Momeka
Chapter 7: DragonBlaze
Chapter 8: Moosetroop11
Chapter 9: Prpl_Mage

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Charas Chain Game - Wrath of Gaia.zip 110 MB


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Good game!