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”Yet another paradox happened today. While using my powers in the Shifting Alley a portal opened and pulled in something from a different world. It was a small monster of no note but realizing the danger it posed I smashed it into billions of pieces with an arcane shock.”
        - Excerpt from Notes From the Grimoire II

Upon finishing the work on Mystery of Spring Valley in 2018 I had a sudden urge to try my hand at writing narratives once more. The result is this collection of semi-connected short stories and other forms of texts inspired by the chaingame we as a team worked on. This was planned to be a background to the game but lost its direction halfway through and instead turned into a different story taking place some time before the events of the game as to not spoil the plot of the game.

I'm not a professional writer, English is not my first language and I'm too proud (or lazy) to ask someone to proof-read it.

Please just take it for what it is, inspiration put to the pen – and enjoy!



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