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”The Dagger is home to magic, the creatures there feast on it and grow strong, sooner or later they grow numerous and that's when incidents like the one fourteen winters ago presents itself.”
        - Excerpt from Champions till Daybreak

During the Fall of 2017 a writing competition was held at the Charas forum. Within this digital tome we have collected all the entries that was submitted. Everything from your high fantasy to your space adventure with a quick pit stop in a war torn town. 

So join us for a journey through a treacherous landscape full of monsters and magic, gladiatorial combat on a faraway planet, a man running away from his demons, and a nightmare.

The following stories are included:
A brief foreword from Prpl_Mage by Prpl_Mage
Champions till Daybreak  by Prpl_Mage
Cold Turkey by Dr.Ace
Satria by Moosetroop11
Night of Max by Momeka

Cover Art Namyi
Epub fileDr.Ace

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